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What is Ideojob?

A platform for clients and freelancers from around the world to work together for collective benefit is It is a platform for posting jobs that accepts cryptocurrencies. The service aims to offer a venue for recruiting and all associated opportunities. Students, professionals, freelancers, and aspiring freelancers interested in the online job market can use this.

An online marketplace called Ideojob makes it simple for customers to locate independent freelancers for a variety of services. Businesses can now hire freelancers in various specialities, such as writing, translation, content curation, graphic design, digital animation, and marketing. Additionally, employers can look at the freelancer’s biography and client testimonials. Businesses may filter contractors using multiple criteria due to Ideojob Reviews. The intelligent filter help in matching businesses with their desired rates and preferred skill sets. Businesses may choose to widen their search for more generic employment opportunities as a result of seller levels.

How does it work?

  • Post a project or contest

You have to post a project or contest for the work you need done, and you’ll get offers from freelancers within minutes.

  •  Select the ideal contractor

View profiles of independent contractors. Chat immediately. Choose the best proposal after comparing them all. Once your freelancer is hired, the job is assigned to them.

  • Pay just once you’re satisfied. 

Utilise our Payment system, which is a cryptocurrency, to safely pay. Release payments once it’s finished, and you’re completely satisfied. 

Technical Specifications: 

Devices Supported





Customer types

Small business

Medium business


Support Types


What Will Ideojob Look Like in 2023?

Like any other marketplace, Ideojob operates similarly. Buyers interested in these services inquire about the sellers’ listed services (gigs), and if they are happy with the responses, they purchase. Ideojob acts as a mediator, ensuring both parties are pleased with the outcome. The 20% that Ideojob withholds from each transaction. Ideojob will pay the vendor within two weeks after the buyer confirms delivery and the seller completes the gig (faster if you are a trusted member).

Where do I begin?

  1. Finish up your profile

Choose your knowledge and abilities.

Add a picture to your profile.

  1. Browse available jobs

We have positions for all skill levels. By enhancing your filters, you can increase the number of job opportunities. Save your search and receive alerts when suitable parts become available.

  1. Make your best offer

Write the most excellent pitch you can and put your best foot forward. You should read the project and let the clients know you have done so. Tell them why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Creating a new brief for every project is more productive than using the same one.

4. Receive awards and cash

As soon as you land a job, get ready to work. Deliver excellent jobs and receive the agreed-upon payment.

Payment Procedure:

All the work you complete comes with payment security, regardless of whether you are paid hourly or on a fixed-price contract.

  1. All in one place

Use Indeojob to track your earnings and send invoices to clients for a quick and easy process.

  1. Select your method of payment

Use whatever method suits you the best; our payment gateway is called “Cryptocurrency.”

  1. There are no payments unless your task is finished.

A portion of your earnings is deducted from our service fees.

– Three levels of ideojob freelancers membership: BASIC, PLUS, and PRO.

– Cryptocurrencies are used to pay freelancers and purchasers.

– The site administrator keeps 20%, and the remaining 80% is distributed to the freelancers every weekend.

Usability and Quality of Ideojob: 

The three search categories available on Ideojob are Talent, Projects, and Jobs. While the Jobs search displays posted job postings for freelancers to apply to, the Talent search displays scannable freelancer profiles. The recently introduced projects search resembles Ideojob card-style interface, where you may peruse what various freelancers have to offer.

This versatility is relatively considerable given that Ideojob doesn’t allow job posting. However, to contact clients, freelancers must first sign up with Ideojob. Freelancers can proactively discover clients by replying to their job advertising.

The Ideojob provides all the necessary parameters, like hourly rate, location, language, and extras like Job Success Score, total earnings, and total hours billed. Still, the Ideojob Job search simply employs keyword filters. If you need anything urgently, the Projects search provides alternatives with project attributes (such as programming language and other expertise), user rating, and delivery time.

Undoubtedly, Ideojob is indeed a mixed bag. A decent mix of seasoned professionals, newbies, and novices looking to earn fast cash can be found. The actual difficulty lies in sorting through them and identifying each one.

Ideojob doesn’t tamper with how people advertise themselves, except by confirming top sellers as Pro. The classifications (“Level 1 Seller,” etc.) that Ideojob assigns to sellers who consistently receive 4.7 stars over 10, 50 and 100 orders are generated mainly mechanically.

How to get something done on

There are only two options on Ideojob for getting something designed: choose a gig from the website or post a bespoke request and wait for a response.

Finding the existing gigs is not too difficult. Simply search for any relevant category, such as digital marketing, web design, or logo design. All the search filters we described above will be available to focus on precisely what you’re looking for. The entire site was created with this usage, which is pretty convenient. 

You can create your request, which sellers may explore and react to if interested is you’re seeking something truly unique. To access these, you must create an Ideojob account, which is entirely free. Then, simply click “My Requests” from the account icon. After that, you complete a brief form and briefly describe your project. After ideojob approves it, it gets live.

Sellers will hopefully start applying soon based on your request. The choice is then yours to consider and pick the one you want.

Why Ideojob?

The key advantages of Ideojob are its extensive feature set, excellent value, and discretion. The following information explains some benefits of using Ideojob:

The services and goods that Ideojob provides may essentially be broken down into a dozen field specialties. Each category is further divided into subcategories that provide more detailed information on the types of services or goods being provided. Customers can browse through any of these subcategories or search using specific keywords.

Low costs on ideojob make it easier to look for freelance work. Through this platform, anyone can request or supply service without needing to have a lot of technological expertise.

Through the website, freelancers can quickly locate a source of revenue. Ideojob Reviews may assist creatives and hobbyists in being compensated for what they love to do, which makes employment enjoyable and engaging. Additionally, freelancers should increase their market exposure so customers can choose them for their services.

Clients can view all pertinent information about a particular freelancer on the site. These consist of comments, completed tasks or gigs, ratings, and cancellations. Clients will feel secure enough to know the type of freelancer they will hire in this method. Businesses can filter results using Ideojob’s search engine based on the qualifications they are looking for.

Ideojob promises that customer information will never be revealed. The site would only make a few key facts available that can assist contractors in learning more about potential clients. Additionally, the service will never divulge all information to anyone, including clients, contractors, or outside parties.

All business dealings between a client and a freelancer take place on Ideojob. The platform guarantees that no third party can view financial transactions. Both clients and freelancers benefit from the assurance that their payment information is secure.

The service provides channels for clients and contractors to speak in private. Knowing they can discuss their projects on a highly secure platform will put both sides at rest. All project-related information shall be strictly kept confidential between the client and the freelancers.

The transparency of this platform is fantastic. Clients may readily see the profiles and reviews of freelancers, leaving it up to them to decide whether to hire them. Customers can preview the service they might expect from a potential freelancer by using Ideojob.

For customers looking for services provided by independent contractors, Ideojob is ideal. They can select the type of service from independent freelancers for as little as $5.00. The platform examines the services and work samples presented by independent freelancers.

Review of Ideojob for 2022: Closing Remarks

A legitimate website with many fantastic services and reliable sellers and buyers is Not everyone is a pleasure to work with on ideojob, just like anywhere else. However, many of the ideojob community comprises diligent individuals who deliver high-quality services for the purchasers’ online companies. Regarding ordering SEO gigs, I strongly advise depending on your expertise. And all you need to do to succeed if you want to start selling on ideojob is to offer a high-quality service, be accountable and committed, and work hard. I think ideojob is a fantastic resource for anybody looking to launch a successful online business.