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We bridge the gap between talented freelancers and incredible clients.

IdeoJob is not your ordinary freelancing website. We have scoured the Internet to understand what freelancers search for in a freelance website. We have worked tirelessly to understand freelancers and what makes them want to free themselves from the constraints of 'normal' jobs.

Our research into the preferences of freelancers has enabled us to match clients to the best workers with an impressive success rate.



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Our Mission

We determined that providing freelancers and clients with a meeting platform was not enough. We sought to improve the success rate of every project by ensuring that the most suitable freelancer gets hired.

At IdeoJob, we know how much flexibility means to you. Therefore, we have created the ideal place to find work or clients anytime and in a secure environment. Our community uses a point-based reputation system to ensure we have a reliable user base.

We have also developed a dedicated team to create a safe place where people from all walks of life can meet, collaborate, and get work done. Whether a freelancer or a client, our platform gives you the best way to complete projects profitably and with minimal wastage of resources.

Our talented team has kept track of the changing needs of freelancers and clients. Therefore we have continuously evolved our platform to suit everybody’s requirements. Furthermore, we have many visionary people who are helping us to develop products for the future and to respond to requests by our current users. We have learned from the best, and our system is among the most robust for freelancers.

Who do we serve?

At IdeoJob, we cater to the needs of a global clientele who can work with freelancers from the U.S., Canada, and Australia. We do not allow geographical or ideological boundaries to confine our behavior.

Our products

We have numerous digital services on our platform. Among the services that we provide include:

Content Writing and Translation

It is challenging to express just how important written content is for the Internet. At IdeoJob, we have highly skilled writers who are ready to take on numerous types of writing assignments.

Video and Animation

Bring your abstract ideas to life with some of the best videographers, editors, and animation specialists on the IdeoJob platform.

Web design, Programming, and App development

Are you looking to redo your existing website or need a spanking new one on a tight budget? How about an Android or iOS app to give your customers unfettered access to your services? No matter the type of IT-related job, we have a freelancer for you.

Music and Audio

No matter how much you try, even your best effort might fall short of a relatively inexperienced audio engineer. Do you have a group of audio clips that you want professionally edited? Our platform can connect you to highly skilled freelancers without breaking the bank.

Digital Marketing

Any business that wants to make inroads in the online space needs a digital marketer. Professional digital marketers can create pin-point marketing strategies proven to work in the uber-competitive digital world. Our platform has highly experienced digital marketers that can work with any organization to achieve its marketing goals.


To guarantee your company’s success, you might want to augment your marketing efforts with professional support. IdeoJob steps in to provide you with the perfect networking platform. You can find many business professionals such as accountants, lawyers, engineers, and other trained people.

What’s our Value Proposition?

The massive competition in the freelance world has led to some websites allowing poor-quality workers and clients to flood their platforms. However, we have measures in place to toss out the bad apples before they get a chance to ruin everyone’s experience.

Our fees are also among the friendliest in the industry. We also do not interfere in the process of the client and freelancer choosing the price of their contract.

Our Value System

One of our core values at IdeoJob is trust. We believe running a transparent operation is the best way to build trust between us, our clients, and freelancers. Therefore, to improve our image, we facilitate transparent and secure transactions, mediate disagreements, and keep our customers’ needs at the forefront.

We are always impartial and do not allow anything like race, gender, religion, or ideology to influence our judgment. We welcome all professionals and treat them based on their merits.

We are also big on accountability. We are the first ones to take the blame when something goes wrong due to our actions or inaction. Likewise, we encourage our customers to take ownership of their actions to foster harmony on the platform.

Integrity is another core pillar of our organization. Our company has an ingrained culture of fairness and ethics, where we treat everyone fairly regardless of their identity.

Another integral value at IdeoJob is tolerance. We know that stress and other psychological factors can bring out uncouth behavior. However, we consistently underscore the importance of level-headedness when dealing with any individual. We encourage everyone to be resilient to foster a positive and productive work environment.

The IdeoJob Silver Bullet

Pay is a significant challenge for people looking to hire freelance talent. We have unbounded the traditional FIAT currencies and implemented a cryptocurrency payment system. This system allows anybody to pay or get paid without many of the regulatory bottlenecks of conventional currencies. Therefore we give you the financial freedom to use your money the way you want.