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I Will Do Embedded C Coding For Tiva C And Other Microcontrollers


In the present world, we are getting tech friendly. It has been observed that in our day to day life, we interact with several systems which makes our life simpler and easier. From mobile phones, washing machines, wrist watches to space craft‟s, submarines space rovers, automotive etc., everything relies on design and development of such intelligent systems. These systems are smart enough to interact with physical environment by themselves and act according to the conditions or information feed on them.
Although, the embedded systems is not standalone technology, but the combination of various technologies wisely implemented all together to develop an electronic product which could be user
friendly and could be adopted by the specific community depends on their needs. The functioning of such gadgets and systems depends several aspects like the central processing unit capacity, inbuilt memory and the input output devices connected to it. The devices connected are basically sensors and actuators which could be analog or digital in nature. To make then compatible and synchronized the developer need to choose the interfacing accordingly.

Why Should You Hire Me?

Skilled in C and embedded programming. Can help you with microcontroller programming. Contact me for any microcontroller or C / embedded systems. Possess 6 years of solid work experience designing embedded systems

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