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In this document, we list the terms that govern our marketplace.


The rules elaborate on how we expect users to behave when on IdeoJob, whether you are a registered or unregistered user.

Please read and understand these rules entirely: by using IdeoJob, you agree to be governed by them.


1 About licenses and third-party content

These conditions govern how you use our site, which we strive to keep running smoothly. When necessary, we can bar people from using our site.

You are only allowed to post content that belongs to you. Therefore, you are responsible for anything you post. Additionally, we are not responsible for other people's content. If someone infringes your intellectual property on our site, inform us immediately.

1.1 We allow you to use our site and services.

We are allowing you 'limited' use of our site. What do we mean?

It's our pleasure to give you access to our site to use our services. However, you must adhere to these terms and conditions to continue using the site.

We try to keep our site operational but do not guarantee that you will be able to access it uninterrupted. We might discontinue some features without notice to you.

1.2 We can discontinue your use of our services

We reserve the right to deny you services at any time. If you violate these terms, we can prevent you from continuing to use the site. We will notify you immediately, after which you are supposed to stop using our services.

1.3 We reserve rights to all our copyrighted property

Even though we allow you to use our website, you may not use any of our intellectual property. Our intellectual property includes our name, logo, and registered trademarks. Other company names and trademarks might be the property of our partners and clients.

1.4 You can use IdeoJob to share your content with Internet Users

1.4.1 You bear the responsibility for anything you post

You should use our site responsibly and bear the consequences for breaching any of these conditions or infringing another person's rights. If we incur any expenses for content you post on our site, you are to compensate us (make us whole).

When you post content, you agree that you are fully responsible for it; not us. Additionally, you are only to post content that is:

a) Legal
b) Belongs to you or, you are allowed to post
c) Does not infringe anybody's rights or copyright

1.4.2 Third parties get some rights to your content

You give third parties some rights to your content when you post it on our site.

By posting on our site, you allow our partners and us the permanent right to use, edit, or share it royalty-free. We can use the content even if it contains your picture, name, or voice. For instance, we might promote your profile to prospective clients.

You also allow visitors to use your content within our site so long as they follow these terms and conditions and the law.

1.4.3 You are free to share your ideas with us

We encourage you to send us suggestions and comments on how we can improve our service. You expect no compensation or reward (not even a direct response) unless we solicit your input and promise to reward you.

You allow us to use the ideas or modify them as we like.

1.5 Third parties also post on IdeoJob

We allow other parties to post content on the site. However, we bear no responsibility for any damages caused by the content they post as it represents the third party's views, not IdeoJob.

From time to time, you might see links to third-party applications and sites. We do not control the behavior of these third parties.

Adding a third-party link does not mean that we endorse it. Moreover, if you use the link to visit the third party, you will be bound by their terms and conditions.

1.6 You are free to make copyright claims

You can ask us to remove any content that infringes your copyright from our site.

2. What we allow you to do on IdeoJob

You are only allowed to use our site for work and to get information from our content.

Our site is for business users. Those are people looking to find service providers for their needs and the said providers.

3. What are you not allowed to do on IdeoJob

There are five main activities that we forbid on our site. They include:

a)Posting unacceptable content, including illegal, violent, sexually explicit, depicting child exploitation, and any other content we might deem unacceptable.

b)Posting fraudulent content or content that is misleading

c)Treating other people unfairly

d)Abusing our rating (feedback) system

e)Any other uses that will negatively affect us, our affiliates, and other site users.

4. Enforcing our terms and conditions

4.1 These are the rules we enforce

We can investigate any potential violation of these terms and may suspend, modify, or permanently remove the offending content.

We do not guarantee to deal with every violation. However, failing to deal with a breach does not mean we will not deal with similar violations in the future.

We can prevent you from using our site when we find you breaking our rules. If we bar you from using our site, we retain the following:

a) The right to use your feedback
b) Our visitors' and users' right to use your content
c) Your consent to all rules in section (1.4) above

4.2 Reporting rule violations

When you see anybody violating these terms and conditions, inform us immediately through our customer service team or wherever there is a (flag) icon. After reporting, please help us with our investigation.